Finding Your Passion

“Find your passion and follow it. And if there is anything I have learned in my life, you will not find that passion in things. And you will not find that passion in money. Because the more things and the more money you have, the more you will just look around and use that as the metric and there will always be someone with more. So your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside.” ~ Randy Pausch
So, my question to you is, have you found your passion(s)? Some people refer to this as a life purpose. A calling. Being in flow. Whatever it is that drives you to be fully engaged. Where you thrive rather than simply survive. Where time dissipates and you are fully alive in the moment. Such a personal thing it is. To be filled with a passion for doing something that really and truly matters deep within. Where you are deeply connected to your values and your personal integrity. Your personal leadership. 
To some, this may seem selfish at first blush because in order to be fully aligned with your values, you must be prepared to look inward and put yourself first. Consider this however. How might everyone around you benefit if you are deeply connected to who you were meant to be and what you were meant to be doing? There is much to be said for that alignment because this is when we soar from the inside out. Whether it is our intent or not is somewhat irrelevant. It happens. And when it happens, we benefit and everyone around us benefits. We’ve created a symphony in our soul.
Is there anything more inspiring to observe than someone who is in flow? It is quite magical. It is not however, reserved for magicians anymore than it is reserved for artists. Finding and doing what drives your passion is available to each of us for the asking. It may manifest itself in your chosen profession, in your family life, through community involvement, volunteer initiatives, a favorite sport, in the form of a hobby or a general interest such as travel. Indeed, some people find this alignment in their spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t really matter where it “shows up” because that is for you to decide. If you are looking for it however, look first within. As Randy Pausch has articulated so beautifully in his inspiring speech to graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University, “Your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside.” And this will be different for each and every one of us for we are all unique.
As a coach, it is my sincere honor to support people in finding and doing what drives their passion. As a prospective teacher, it will be my greatest honor to support students to learn, grow, and to find what fuels their passions.
If you are interested in watching Randy Pausch’s inspiring and meaningful 6 minute speech, please click on this link. Although it is delivered to a group of graduate students, the message will be meaningful to anyone who is a student of life. Enjoy.
Living my life on purpose, Glo
(C) 2012- True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

Do you believe in miracles?

One could say that miracles are like magic. Some believe, some don’t, so what.  Well, the so what factor happens to be very telling. It is telling of who we are as individuals. What our personal values are. What brings meaning to our lives. It is telling of how we make decisions.

Life today is complex yet simple. Business today is chaotic yet inspiring. Tiny miracles pop up out of nowhere it seems and surprise us. These miracles create small change and massive change in both individuals and in organizations. These tiny miracles create insights often leading to wisdom.

The laws of nature … describe the ways in which the world—including, of course, human beings—works when left to itself, when not interfered with. A miracle occurs when the world is not left to itself, when something distinct from the natural order as a whole intrudes into it. (Mackie 1982: 19–20)

But alas, you must believe. You must believe in what is possible. You must accept that it’s ok not to know the how part of the equasion. A difficult task no doubt. You must get comfortable with not being right. Easier for some than for others. Not everything in this world is a result of cause and effect. For instance, you must believe that what you say and do truly matter. And it matters because at the heart of what we say and do is our personal integrity. But to believe that anything is possible, that miracles do occur and often when we least expect them, because a butterfly flapped it’s wings in another part of the world, this is to believe in miracles.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Miracles are all around us. We just need to open our eyes and hearts in order to see and feel them.

Note: Many of the ideas from this post were generated through the work of Margaret J. Wheatley’s, Leadership and the New Science.

Cheers, Glo

C (2011) – True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

The value of continuous personal change…

“One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.” — Robert E. Quinn

I came across this quote by Robert Quinn and it reminded me of a personal change that I’ve experienced over the last few years as a result of being coached and then becoming a coach.  I’m sharing this story as it may help you too.  This change came from a combination of focused effort and conscious choice.  It relates to the contrast between ruminating and letting go.  It is all about the power of freedom and finding inner peace.

Like many of us I suspect, I used to spend time ruminating…also known as the worry gene.  Rather than looking back as part of the learning process, I would look back and worry about all sorts of things that I could not change no matter how much energy I put into it.  Then one day a few years ago through my coach training, I did a values exercise that changed my view and opened my eyes to a few things.  For one, I realized that I value freedom.  Freedom has different meaning for each of us but for me it means having inner peace.  Yet, I was worrying.  About what I said, what I did, what I didn’t do or say.  What happens in this situation is that you end up living in the past in many respects.  And when we live in the past, we miss out on such awesome things about the present.  Through coaching, I learned to live and breathe in the present.  This has created space in my life and in my head.  What a true gift.

Now, I’m not saying that I never worry about anything anymore.  I do.  And I do because I care.  I care deeply about people.  I don’t however, give as much energy to worrying than it deserves.  You see, I think worrying is overrated.  I give my energy to where I live and breathe which is in the present.  I have learned that I can still care about what truly matters and live in the present.  My husband and I have put into practice a new way to think and to live and it’s really working for us.  We have truly learned to “let go” and it is wonderful.  It is absolutely empowering in fact.  The past is used to learn from and that is all.  You want to talk about freedom?  This is freedom.  Not only is it freedom but it is living according to our values and with personal integrity.

This is just one example of how we can change and grow while remaining true to ourselves.  Sometimes we need someone on the outside to help us look inside.  This is the value of great coaching.  Coaching provides us with the support to define and achieve our goals of personal change.

Wishing you a peaceful day.  Glo

(C) 2011 – True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

Frost on the pumpkin

First frost, brrrrr!  Need to bundle up to take the dog for a walk in the morning.  It’s no secret that summer is my favorite season but there is much to be said for curling up by the fire, wearing cozy fleece, that first blush of cool air as it hits your face when you open the door, crock pot dinners, and pumpkins.  Yes, that’s right, I said pumpkins.  Can anything make you feel like a kid again faster than Halloween and a pumpkin patch?  Is this picture of my neice Jenna (many moons ago) not the cutest thing ever?

Halloween is kind of a cool time of year because wearing a costume allows us to become someone else, to try it out, try it on, and to see if we like it.  Maybe we will like it more.  Maybe others will notice too.  Maybe this is when we believe we are at our best because we are open to growing, learning. changing behaviours, attitudes and actions to create better and more positive outcomes.  This is the true value of coaching.  It allows us to design our futures and to try things on for size.

When you think of all of the pumpkins in a pumpkin patch, what do you notice?  I notice that they are all different sizes, shapes, colors and although there are a ton of them we seem to be able to pick out the one that is just perfect (for us).  Well, just like picking out your pumpkin you have the inner wisdom to make choices that are perfect (for you) in all aspects of your life, personal and professional.  It’s true that some choices are made for us but we also have choices to make about  who we become as a result of those choices.  Are we victims?  Are we assigning blame or are we active participants in our own lives (thanks, Katie!) trying on different costumes while remaining true to ourselves and living with personal integrity?  I vote for the latter.  What about you?  Looking to make a change?  If so, remember that you have choices.  Get inspired by your inner wisdom!

Cheers, Glo

(C) 2011 – True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

The Truth About Competition

When we think of competition we tend to think about business or sports competitors when in fact, competition is a part of life whether you consider yourself to be a competitive person or not.  We compete with ourselves if not with others to get better grades, to do a better job, to be better citizens, to lose weight/gain weight and the list goes on and on.  We may even conjure up images of individuals and organizations that are doing the same thing as we are.  But are they?  Are they really doing the same thing?  Providing the same value?  Leveraging the same strengths?  Striving for the same goals?  Having the same outcomes?  I doubt it.

For a variety of reasons we might be programmed to think they are better than us.  They are monopolizing the relationships we share.  They are winning the business.  They are winning the promotions.  They are getting too close to the people in our inner circle.  There is a reason for it.  They are flat out making us insecure.

What if you had a shift and spent your time and energy viewing competition as a source of value?  If you got to know your perceived competitors up close and personal would you view them as a resource when making important decisions?  If you viewed them as potential partners rather than competitors, would you have the opportunity to serve and help more people?  You may even learn that competitors aren’t actually competing with you.  They are sure to be doing something that is different and that something different may truly help you or those you can’t help at some point. Your greatest source of competition is internal, it is within.

There is an abundance of opportunity in this world. The world is changing at an incredible pace and we need to change with it.  I invite you to be honest with yourself and embrace competition as a source of value.

(C) 2010  True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

Relationships With Self and Others

It is interesting to sit back sometimes and reflect on the important aspects of your life. It seems like it’s really just a series of relationships and events. Relationships that we have with our family members, friends, colleagues, partners, clients and the one you have with yourself. You might be wondering as you read this, relationship with myself? What on earth is she talking about now? What does that mean? I’m not in a relationship with myself! Oh yes you are…and it very well could be the most important one you ever have.

You feed yourself messages continuously. Whether you say it out loud or it’s just a mind game, it’s going on all the time. The thing is, only you have the ability to turn off the negative and focus on the positive messaging. I’m not suggesting it is easy but I am suggesting it is not only doable but it is necessary to live a full life filled with bliss. By moving from a mindset of focusing on the impossible to focusing on the possible, you will experience a shift. When you change the relationship you have with yourself, the events that happen as a result of it will change too. Try it and you will see for yourself!

Healthy relationships whether in our personal or professional lives have many elements but the foundation is often trust, respect and appreciation. When this foundation is not only laid but woven into the fabric of your existence, you and the people you have relationships with will be more open to possibilities. You will experience freedom from those negative thoughts and gremlins. You will have trust in your ideas, you will respect your decisions and you will appreciate your unique talents.

Freedom is truly empowering.

There are some life changing events for which you have no control over. You do, however, have control over how you respond to them and the events that take place as a result of them. Feed yourself positive messages. Throw those negative messages out the window and slam it shut. Replace I can’t with I can and see what happens. These new messages will become your new reality. Your reality becomes your life.

How are your relationships affecting the events in your life? What can you do to increase the frequency of positive messaging? And don’t say you can’t because I know you can!



(c) 2010 – True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon

Be True To Yourself – Integrity

There is no greater truth than looking oneself in the mirror knowing fully and completely that what we say is what we do.  In order to live with integrity we must be true to ourselves.  This is not always an easy thing to do. There are times in our lives and under specific circumstances that may challenge us in this area.  We may struggle.  We may need to make important decisions that may have a perceived negative impact on others and therefore we may procrastinate.  I would say that this is just human nature and our fears or gremlins talking.  Gremlins are okay. They are an important part of the inevitable process of change.  Coaching helps us to embrace and understand our gremlins.   It is only when we ask ourselves those difficult questions that we challenge our gremlins.  That is how we put things into perspective.  It is perspective that helps us to gain clarity. Clarity gives us permission to take action and conquer those gremlins.

We don’t need a mirror to tell us if we are acting with integrity.  We do, however, need a strong sense of self and a loving and accepting heart.  Something we are all totally capable of : )



(c) 2010 – True Bliss Coach Gloria Higdon


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